Membership has SME Benefits

The road is still rocky, but we’re getting back to business. Shopping local right now could be the difference between businesses staying afloat or going under. As we carefully begin the climb back up the profit-margin ladder, it’s good to know that we have the support of our communities and local, provincial and federal governments that agree SMEs help fuel the Canadian economy and create jobs.

We’re all making sacrifices and learning just what necessities we actually need to do business. First on the list is our workforce. Running lean to begin with, small business faced tough choices concerning keeping, laying off and dismissing staff. We had to ask everyone to do even more with dwindling resources and spiraling stress. Conditions that could take months or years to improve.

The need for support is a strong theme throughout 2020 whether it’s helping out your neighbours and family, or your overtaxed employee working from home in a full house. In our April blog, we talked about the lifeline of employee benefits, of giving staff peace of mind and assurances that you care about their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their families.

Employee expectations

The indisputable fact that our overall mental health is declining supports the need for continuing and more robust benefits plan to protect employees. Small business isn’t exempt from the expectations of providing benefits to its staff, and there’s no reason not to when there’s a plan that can provide real-time flexibility, essential coverage and business resources that’s affordable for any-sized business.

The Chamber Plan is Canada’s largest association employee benefits plan. With over 32,000 participating businesses all pooling their claims together, the result is a stable plan and a manageable renewal rate. This is an added advantage if you share the premium with your staff, since there isn’t a significant increase in payroll deduction at renewal to save you time, potential conflict and employee dissatisfaction.

As well, it doesn’t matter if you’re a small employer because the Chambers Plan is flexible with no minimum firm size or industry restrictions and guaranteed approval and renewal. It includes the essentials like short- and long-term disability and critical illness, but it doesn’t stop there. In fact, there are over 17 different health plans and 35 different dental plans to choose from, so you can design a plan that fits your budget. Read 10 Things You Should Know About Chambers Plan Employee Benefits for more details.


If you’re competing in the job market, you want to attract and retain the best employees. Chamber Plan is as good or better than plans other SMEs offer. With modern features like my-benefits® mobile app, Teladoc Health Telemedicine Services, which recently added Mental Health Telemedicine in Canada, and Employee Assistance Programs, staff can manage their own claims, access doctors 24/7 by phone or get mental health support remotely.

Real benefits for small business

Let’s not forget the benefits for small business such as quick and simple administration, Business Assistance Services that give you access to professional accounting, counselling, legal and human resource experts and adjustable plans that match your needs based on business growth or attrition. The other plus—and the only requirement for acceptance—is membership in your local Chamber of Commerce.

At a time when small business feels like it’s struggling day to day, joining your Chamber of Commerce, an organization created by SMEs for SMEs, is a smart move. You’ll enjoy member to member discounts, networking with like-minded business professionals, government lobbying at the local, provincial and federal level and other programs that are only available to members from exclusive advisors.

So, if you’re realizing that you need to reconsider employee benefits, get the plan that knows what small business owners want. Chambers Plan is taking care of more than 164,000 employees and their families—and it can include yours.

Bensol Consulting is a small business and the exclusive advisor of the Chambers Plan for the Centre Wellington, Guelph and Milton Chambers of Commerce. Talk to us for all of your SME needs.

Victoria Miron Vranic