Get more control, savings, and flexibility with Self-Funded Health and Dental Benefits

Self-Funded Health and Dental plans are designed to alleviate the administrative, operational, and sometimes costly functions that come with offering traditional employee health and dental benefits. It’s a completely reimagined plan that delivers on all four dimensions of employee care: Employee Benefits, Business Health, Employee Wellbeing, and Workforce Integration.

What is a Self-Funded Health and Dental plan?

Also called Administrative Services Only, Self-Funded Health and Dental benefits allow you to bypass the insurer and pay directly for health and dental claims. A Self-Funded Health and Dental plan is one in which the employer assumes some financial risk in providing health and dental benefits to its employees. The employer chooses a plan design, and assumes the risk of paying employee health and dental claims up to a certain amount.

For this managed service, employers are charged a reasonable administration fee when an employee makes a claim – otherwise, there are no insurance premiums.

With Self-Funded Health and Dental benefits, employers have more control over their benefits plan costs without sacrificing coverage that employees need.

Built-in Protection

What if an employee has unexpected health or dental costs that are extremely high? With a Self-Funded plan, employers purchase Stop Loss coverage to limit the impact that high individual usage or catastrophic medical conditions might have on their costs. Stop Loss insurance pays for eligible expenses over a specified chosen amount, ensuring these large claims do not jeopardize the financial integrity of the plan.

Wellness is a key advantage: employees get all the coverage they need, with slop loss insurance protection to limit the risk to the employer. Bar none, long term, this is the most cost-effective way to provide health and dental benefits.

Flexibility at its Finest

Sefl-Funded Health and Dental benefit plans offer flexibility in plan design, allowing even small businesses to customize their benefits packages to meet the specific needs of their employees, which prove particularly valuable for those with diverse workforces or unique healthcare requirements.

Self-Funded Health and Dental benefits packages come complete with drug coverage, extended health care and dental, and we work with you to include disability, life, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, as well as additional features like:

  • Health Spending Account (HSA) or Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA): Employees can choose the lifestyle items that matter to them.
  • Critical Illness: This benefit also comes with a subsequent condition payment, so it pays on multiple conditions.
  • Travel Health: There’s no pre-existing condition clause or stability clause under 70 years of age for emergency travel coverage.
  • Total Health: Employees have access to Telemedicine Services and expert medical second opinions through Teladoc Medical Experts.

If you’re ready to elevate your workforce and unlock the full potential of your organization, it’s time to talk Self-Funded health and dental benefits.