The Bensol Experience

You know how everyone promises exceptional service? Well, we’ll promise it too. Only we’ll back it up with tons of testimonials from our clients, who say time and again that they’re impressed that we take the time to listen carefully. That we bring proactive solutions, often before they know there is a potential problem. That we’ll go above and beyond to work with individual employees who need an extra hand. With us, exceptional service is more than a headline on a web page.

Leave the work to us. We will design and source an employee benefit plan that is aligned with your company’s philosophy, meets the needs of your employees, offers effective claim payment systems, and, most importantly, is cost effective. 

We’ll stay in touch. Our ongoing services doesn’t stop at a yearly coffee date so we can give you a calendar and have you sign in the right spots. We’re on the look-out for you, and will proactively work with you to address changes in your circumstances or the insurance market.