How to Make Employees Fall in Love With Their Work

Okay, right off the top, just like regular relationships, you can’t force your employees to fall in love with you. That’s a one-way ticket to a painful break up. However, building a strong working relationship isn’t all that different from building a romantic one… with some very obvious exceptions. Here’s some steps you can take to build stronger relationships with your employees so they can fall in love with their work!

Make a Great First Impression

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The interview process is a lot like a first date. Many interviewees are rightfully concerned with making a great first impression. However, employers should also put their best foot forward! The typical first date advice of “be yourself” applies in the professional environment too. Don’t set up this employee with any unrealistic expectations or pretend the job is something it’s not. If you’re honest and straightforward, this employee will know what to expect from you and the job.  It’s a great chance for you to ask a lot of questions to insure this prospective employee is an amazing fit.

When you move on to the second date (training and orientation), keep the dialogue going. Really get to know your new employee and set them up for success. Once they find success, they’ll have you to thank!

Listen to Them

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Whether it’s a romantic relationship or a work relationship, people like to be heard. You should get acquainted with an employee’s needs, their lives, their hopes and dreams, so you can help them achieve these things. Set time aside for each employee to get to know them a little better. Whether that means formal job reviews, or informal chats over coffee, the time you invest into building a relationship and helping employees achieve their potential won’t go unnoticed. By listening to all your employees, you’ll also learn how to better your day-to-day operations, and implement the best perks and benefits that will make them the most happy.

Make Them Feel Special

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PDA isn’t normally appropriate in an office. But consider showering all employees with a little Professional PDA (PPDA?). If employees achieve something amazing related to their job performance, or even outside of work, you can celebrate this fact. Recognize people at staff meetings, hold appreciation parties, give bonuses, or just give them a high five! Those unexpected surprises make romantic relationships stronger. In the same way, little acts of appreciation at work can go a long way.

Do Fun Things Together

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Those who play together stay together! Team Building is an amazing way to bring your staff closer together and create a more happy and productive team. Who doesn’t feel special when they get a night of fun, dinner and/or drinks paid for by someone? We’ve written a guide of our favourite places to go teambuilding in Guelph, so don’t shy away from the opportunity. A workplace without fun events is similar to a relationship without dates!

Take Care of Their Needs

take care of needs love employee

Of course, those with the best romantic relationships feel supported by one another. And as an employer support is this best thing you can provide! There’s a reason workplaces with benefits often get higher satisfaction ratings, people love feeling cared for. In the workplace, you can’t expect care if you’re not caring back. Take a vested interest in people’s wellness by offering wellness initiatives. Take interest in providing safety and health with a good drug plan and benefits. If you have the capacity for extra love and care, a little paramedical benefits like acupuncture and massage go a long way. Providing the best benefits goes back to being a great listener to your employee. Track what they’re using and what they like, so you can be an employer someone can’t help but fall in love with!
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