How to Communicate Changes to Your Employee Benefit Plan

Many employees are motivated by the benefits offered by their employer. And, therefore, tend to work harder in return. But what if a few changes need to be made? This is how to communicate the changes without contributing to a negative environment in the workplace:

  • Often, the rumour of changes in an employee benefit plan can create negativity. This may cause panic and a disrupted work environment. It is important to communicate with your employees frequently, honestly and in a positive light. Let them know that changes will be made to their employee benefit plan and that this will lower costs for everybody. It is important that employees know how this will affect them directly, so define the employee benefits clearly and be sure that your employees understand.
  • Be sure to consider the emotional impact this may have on your employees. Often, in times of change, it may feel like management and HR are attacking the employees’ comfort and benefits without thinking about their needs. Employees need to feel acknowledged. It is important to take into consideration these concerns when preparing your message and communicating with your employees.
  • Once you have communicated with your employees, it is important to ask for feedback and hear what your employees have to say about the changes. Not only will this make your employees feel valued, but it can open new ideas that may be more beneficial to your company.

At Bensol, we can help you find the right solution for your employees. We will give you advice on a perfect employee benefit plan that will work within your budget and benefit both you and your employees. Call us today for more information.
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