Your Guide to A Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

The Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan has been protecting Canadian small businesses for years. It covers businesses no matter how small they are. Here is your simplified guide to the Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan.

Many small business owners struggle to find a suitable insurance plan, which fits their needs and is tailored specifically for small businesses. Choosing the Chambers Plan will protect all your employees: it offers many benefits including health and dental insurance. To take full advantage of this insurance plan, you must be a member of the Chamber. At Bensol, we can assist you with the process.

The Chamber Plan is an efficient and simple option for small businesses. It offers a customizable insurance plan to better suit your coverage needs. The plan stands out by:

  • Pooling claims with 30,000 other participating firms,
  • Having solid rate stability,
  • Keeping administration fees low,
  • No industry restrictions, and
  • Guaranteed approval.

Submitting claims is easy and reimbursement is quick with my-benefits eclaims.  The my-benefits mobile app allows members to submit claims electronically, view the status of claims, and set up direct deposit for quick claim reimbursement.

The my-benefits online administration tool is a simple and convenient way to manage the Chambers Plan benefit program. Easy to use and easy to access, my-benefits is a secure web-link providing administrators online information and services.

Remember, you are in charge of your insurance, so be sure to be in control of what your business truly needs. Contact Bensol today for more information.
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