Why Giving Back is Good for Business

The first snow of the season is now behind us. So you know what that means. Holiday cheer is in the air!

The holidays are a perfect time to give back to the Guelph-Wellington community. Giving back can be a great way to increase morale around a stressful season and add a much needed boost to morale before those Winter Blues set in. If you’ve yet to give back as a company, here’s a few things to know to get you started.

Why Giving Back is Good for Business

Giving Back is Good for Business

Perhaps you bottom-liners would like to know exactly how giving back to the community, is going to give back to your business. Here’s a few things to consider:

Employee Engagement

Let’s face it, doing the same thing can get monotonous at times. A charitable initiative can help break up the office day-to-day. This leads to increased happiness and a higher sense of purpose for your employees, which in turn makes them more productive and happy at work. A study of 357,000 employees found those who had a positive experience giving back were four times more likely to put in extra effort at work. They were also more likely to stay with a company for a longer time.

Build Community Partners

Volunteering for assisting community organizations can only help your business goals. It’s one of those “scratch their back, they’ll scratch yours” situations. By donating time, money or resources you’ll gain favour among the board members and staff at non-profits and your local community at large!

Marketing/PR Boost

Businesses doing good can be great for marketing and PR. A little announcement of you work on social media or press release can show your community you care, and maybe even get more people involved. Giving back is a good thing to do regardless of getting attention. However, if your business ends up looking good as a result of your charity work – that’s never a bad thing.

Financial Incentives

Last but not least, giving financially to approved non-profits, charities, and more can mean tax breaks come April. The Holidays are a perfect time to give in the final quarter of the year, and is usually the most popular time for many charities to put on initiatives and businesses to give back. Even in-kind donations can sometimes be claimed. Here’s a breakdown of how the process works and which Canadian organizations are eligible for donations.

How Can You Get You Started?

Gift Drive

There’s plenty of ways for businesses to give back around the season, that don’t necessarily involve a huge financial investment. To start here’s a few ideas:

Holiday gift drives

An easy holiday initiative is a gift drive at work. People are out shopping for their families, and will usually be happy to buy an extra gift for a family in need. Just make sure you figure out a great charity to help distribute the gifts. Bonus points if you give employees an incentive for donating a gift like an raffle prize for individuals or a group bonus or gift if you hit a goal.

Office-sanctioned volunteer times at non-profits

One of the new perks making it’s way into companies is paid volunteer time. People who work for certain organizations are allowed a certain number of hours or days per year to work for a registered charity. This is beneficial way for your company and employees to make a difference, while increasing employee engagement and retention. A real win-win!

Pick an Already Established Initiatives

There’s no need to re-invent the charity wheel. There’s plenty of wonderful charities and initiatives already established in Guelph and Beyond. As an example, Bensol supports The  Children’s Foundation of Guelph Centre Wellington Adopt-a-Family program in lieu of client gifts each year. You can also still grab a spot or volunteer for the Santa Claus Parade 2017. The People and Information Network (PiN) downtown has an online tool to connect people and businesses with worthy charities across town.

It’s not just a Holiday Thing!

Don’t just stop at the holidays! If the holiday season inspires you to give back, maybe the benefits for your employees and business will keep you giving year-round.
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