Tips for Supporting Employee Health and Wellness

‘Employee wellness’ has become a major buzzword in the industry and for good reason. Healthy and happy employees are more productive, take fewer sick days and are more motivated, which directly affects a company’s bottom line. Here are a few tips for supporting employee health and wellness in your business:

  • Set Individual Goals

A wellness plan shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all plan. Hire a wellness consultant (or make sure your HR team has training in this field) to create a tailored plan for your staff members. While it may be easy for one employee to complete a triathlon and 5 km of steps per day, another employee may only be able to hit 1 km of steps. Keep track of their progress and reward them appropriately.

  • Make Health and Wellness Strategies Easy to Follow

Many companies are launching website portals where employees can log in and track their progress. A digital solution is a great way to keep track of goals, but make sure that this process isn’t cumbersome. Nobody wants to fill in spreadsheets of information and your staff undoubtedly has enough on their plates.

  • Offer Healthy Food and Snacks

Stack your vending machines with healthy options such as dried fruit, nuts and other healthy options. It is much easier to stick to health goals when there are healthy options around every corner.

  • Take a Holistic Approach

‘Wellness’ has to do with everything from career planning and retirement saving to dental care insurance. People will have different areas of their lives that they want to focus on.

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