Our Favourite Places in Guelph to do Corporate Team Building

Business doesn’t have to be serious all the time. If it is, you have a serious problem on your hands.

Your employees are people. And like most people, they like having fun. Most fun is had away from work, so when fun enters the workplace, you can really win points with your employees. Plus, the happier your employees, the more productive they’ll be.

One of the best ways to create productive and fun times with your employees is team-building events. Sometimes the notion of team-building activities is met with groans, but the truth is, investment in these programs in one of the best things you can do to create a close team which leads to all kinds of benefits at work.

The Benefits of Team Building:

  • Decreasing stress in the office, and increasing happiness in the office leading to less absenteeism and chronic issues
  • A more closely-kintted team that collaborates more and works more effectively together
  • Games and team-building improve problem-solving skills and teach new skills that can be applied every day to the office

So without further ado, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite local places where our office has done team building events. You can’t go wrong with these Guelph favorites!

Riot Axe

Beer. Axes. Teamwork. What’s not to like? The folks at Riot Axe Guelph have built a wonderful community of axe throwers. However, they also have team-building events for corporate clients. An office of 8 to 28 people can rent out their whole space for 2 hours. After a few practice rounds, your team competes in a knock-out tournament! Don’t worry, there’s a safety presentation beforehand, so everyone leaves with hands after. There’s also snacks and a fully licenced bar, giving you all the ingredients for a great corporate event.

The Making-Box

Guelph’s funniest business, The Making-Box, has an entire arm of their business dedicated to corporate entertainment and team-building workshops.  We teamed up with other people in our building and did an Improv for Business session, which The Making-Box promises will leave your team more open, happy, and connected. While improv seems scary at first, it’s actually an amazing set of tools for the workplace which can help people embrace failure, adapt to change more effectively, and create closer bonds with those on the team.

The Making-Box also performs custom stand-up or improv shows at offices and corporate events all over town.



Escaping the day-to-day of the office is easy at Ctrl-V. The relatively new business of VR (Virtual-reality). It’s video games taken to the next level, as you’re whole body is literally immersed in a new virtual world. The Guelph location has 16 stations that can be rented out for different packages from 4-30 people. You can spend anywhere from a few hours to a full day here, so make sure you get in touch and see what package is right for your office.

Escape Rooms


The only way out of an escape room is to work with your team. Escape rooms have become extremely popular over the last few years. Teams of 2-15 people are placed in a room and need to solve a series of puzzles and clues to make it out of the room within a time limit. As a team-building event, it’s got all the crucial elements: collaboration, problem-solving, and of course, it’s tons of fun. Check out any of these places in Guelph if you’re looking for a little mind-bending corporate fun time:

Fantescapes Escape Rooms Guelph
Exitus Escape Rooms Guelph, Exit Rooms, Adventure Rooms
Khronos Gauntlet

Hopefully this is a good start to get your employees out of the office and bonding over some well-deserved fun time. Did we miss anybody? Let us know if you’ve had an awesome team-building event and we can add them to the list.
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