Let’s Talk Affordable Wellbeing Programs and ROI

Let’s Talk Affordable Wellbeing Programs and ROI

Welcome to January! It’s a time of renewed business and personal goals after what was, hopefully, a restful holiday.

But the weather has been terrible, and everyone seems to have the flu. The days are short and dark, and the added injury—holiday bills have started to arrive.

It’s not surprising that well-intentioned resolutions fail in the first half of January. With the endless stretch before another long weekend, or the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, Ontarians have it tough in winter.

employee wellnessThese conditions can also affect employee wellbeing and mental health, which can in turn impact business profitability. Small business owners looking to boost morale and productivity might want to consider starting with their employee benefit package.

A report by Deloitte Canada released in late 2019 showed that employers who had mental health programs in place for at least one year realized an annual return on investment of $1.62 for every dollar they invested. To read the full report, click here.

Since 65% of employees agree that their health benefits are a strong incentive to stay with their employer, employee benefit plans can help reduce turnover and attract new hires.employee-benefits

If not for the economic value of investing in employee wellbeing and mental health, there is also an operational element. According to the Bell Let’s Talk website, the leading cause of workplace disability is mental health. For businesses to succeed, they need healthy workers.

Canada’s Number One Plan

Regardless of a company’s size, there are affordable benefit packages from Bensol Consulting that offer wellness and mental health support, like the Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan.

As Canada’s number one plan for employee benefits, small business owners who are members of a Chamber of Commerce can access customizable health benefits. Stable rates come from bundling claims together with thousands of other similar small businesses, and the Chambers Group Insurance Plan offers piece of mind that premiums will stay manageable and predictable.

The plan also offers access to employee assistance programs, Telemedicine Services, and the health and wellness website my-benefits health®, which offers webinars relating to many elements of employee wellbeing, including mental, financial, and physical health.

Wednesday, January 29 is Bell Let’s Talk Day. If you are struggling with starting a conversation about mental health in your small business, Bensol Consulting encourages you to broach the subject with your employees on this day.

Reducing the stigma is the simplest way to let staff know that there is no health without mental health. Be the example in your company, and use social media to help raise awareness that mental health affects us all: https://letstalk.bell.ca/en/bell-lets-talk-day.

Talk to us at Bensol Consulting, too. We’re here to help with benefit solutions for small business that will yield returns on your most valuable investments—employees.

Victoria Miron Vranic