How To Get Employees To Take Part In Wellness Programs

Just like cars, homes, or anything really, our bodies can wear down and have more issues OVER TIME if we don’t treat them well NOW.

Many companies incorporate wellness programs in the workplace in order to create healthier lifestyles for their employees. Not just because healthy employees are more happy and productive, but because you’ll actually see an improvement on your bottom line if you cut down on common health problems and chronic issues.

But wellness at work isn’t always easy to implement. Here are some of our top tips so you can create a happier and healthier place to work:

Know Your Audience

Wellness in Workplace

You know your staff the best. Is there a sport you could all play together? Do most people golf? Do you have any yoga teachers on staff? Knowing what people like and want to do for wellness makes it easier to cater a plan to them.

Make it Easy/Inclusive

Wellness programs

Your wellness programs should be easy enough for people to try, but not too intimidating for those inexperienced with exercise or healthy eating. You want everybody to feel they can get involved, so you might not want to start with the corporate Mt. Everest climbing trip or office juicing cleanse.

Don’t make it TOO Easy

Wellness in Workplace 2

Many companies do things like buy fitness or gym memberships for their staff. However, this isn’t always the best solution. When you buy 100% of a membership, employees have no skin in the game or incentive to actually use it. A 50% deal on the other hand, saves you money and makes sure more employees actually USE the membership.

Add WHY to People’s Goals


As the employer, saving the company money is usually the biggest incentive for starting a wellness program. However, using this incentive to motivate staff isn’t the best strategy.

We would all like to have healthier lifestyles. The important part for people to remember is WHY they want to lose weight, exercise more or other ways to get healthy:

  • Healthy eating means more energy to play with your kids or take up hobbies.
  • Quitting smoking or losing weight means adding more years onto your life.
  • Exercise means staving off chronic health problems.

Be Smart

With any wellness program, incorporate a trial program so you can see what perks your employees use and which ones aren’t so popular. When you implement your plan fully, you will know what initiatives are worth the cost.

We’re hoping these steps can get you well on your way to a more well workplace. Please let us know if you ever have questions about implementing wellness or other benefits programs in your workplace.

Looking for an easy place to start?

may health

There’s no time like the present to get things started. Our friends at Clear Path Chiropractic are running their 6th annual #MayHealth Challenge. It’s a great opportunity to get involved and encourage your staff choose their challenge, shout it from the rooftops and get healthy. Want to know more and how to sign up? Visit their page
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