5 Things You Should Remember At Every Networking Event

We had a blast at the Tabletop Tradeshow this week seeing some of our friends in Guelph! We were happy to meet so many local businesses from the local chamber and members of the community. We hope you were able to say hi, pick up some information on the Chamber’s Plan and maybe even grab one of our stylish mugs!

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We love networking, and in the world of business, it’s an essential skill to have. Understandably, if you’re an introvert or new to the business world, networking can seem uncomfortable at first. But here’s a thing we remember while networking to put our best impression forward

You’re the Only One in the Room Like You

Don’t ever think you’re boring or don’t have something of value to say or add. Even if there’s other businesses like yours in the room, they aren’t YOUR business. Your passion and pursuit of your business put you in the room with other passionate people, don’t be afraid to shine!

You Know the Most About You

Whatever your business, you’re going to be the one in the room who knows the most about it. You’re automatically an expert! It’s your job to let everybody know what your business does, what it’s values are, and what it’s people are like. You don’t have to force the knowledge, if you’ve built this business, you’re sure to know the interesting and important parts about it.


How You Speak and Act is How People Will Think of Your Business

When’s the last time you’ve bought into someone who didn’t show confidence? As cliche as it is, confidence is the key to meeting new people and having them remember you. Confidence has nothing to do with being outgoing or extroverted. And being confident certainly doesn’t mean you have to be pushy or rude. People appreciate when you can positively show off and speak to your business. Confidence will draw people to you, which in turn draws them to your business.

It’s Not All About You

If you’re talking a lot about your business that can be great. But no one likes being on the wrong side of a one-sided conversation. You want to make personal connections, so that means you should be listening and helping AT LEAST 50% of the time. Don’t just drone on about your own services, make sure you ask questions and don’t be so quick to make a sale. You make connections first and the rest follows.

You Have Something to Leave with Them

Of course, the best way to leave an impression is leaving the person you met with a card or more information on your business. A business card exchange is one of the most common ways you’ll find a new customer or business partner. If for some reason you don’t have business cards, make sure you at least come prepared with some sort of document that has your name, your company name, your email, phone and a website on it. If you have a special promotion for people at the event, bring information about it! 

Networking Events

Remember, if you make a great impression with people at your first networking event, you’ll have a new friend you can talk to at the next one! You’re sure to find people in the Guelph business community are incredibly friendly, easy to talk to and willing to help you out. Whatever your business, there are people in the community who would love to hear about it. Just remember to be yourself and bring your passion and knowledge – people are sure to eat it up!
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