Walking Meetings – Empowering Employees one step at a time!

Walking Meetings – Empowering Employees one step at a time!

walking meetings

Employers and employees alike are embracing the growing trend in work meetings. They’re taking it outside! Known as ‘walk & talks’, and just like it sounds, walking meetings take place during a walk instead of the office.

The workplace offers a great opportunity to promote physical activity.  Changing just one meeting a week from the meeting room to the great outdoors can boost employees’ creativity, productivity, and overall physical wellbeing.

What are the benefits of walking meetings?

  1. Walking meeting improve communication.

Providing a more relaxed atmosphere, walking meetings allow employees to become engaged with supervisors and coworkers.  Walking side by side breaks down barriers and creates a bonding between peers that leads to more honest conversation than traditional sit-down meetings.

  1. Waling meetings spark creativity

Sunshine, fresh air and a change of scenery all improve thinking.  Employees become inspired and before you know it, they are more creative!

  1. Walking meetings energize employees

Not only will employees feel better from a walking meeting, they become more alert, engaged, and energized!

Making Walking Meetings Work

  1. Plan your route.

Parks and walking trails are great venues for walking meetings.  In poor weather, indoor walking tracks are a good choice.

  1. Walking meetings are perfect for small groups.

Keeping walking meetings to 2 or 3 participants is ideal.

  1. Give notice.

Let walking meeting participants know ahead of time so they are prepared.  Comfy shoes and a bottle of water is all you’ll need!

  1. Leave your smartphone in your pocket!

Focus on the people you’re with and the ideas being shared.

Most of all, have fun!  Enjoy the experience of combing work with a bit of exercise and fresh air.

Successful employers know engaged employees are loyal, productive employees.  They understand that a health & wellness program is a vital part of an employee benefits package. Bensol Consulting has been helping small to mid-sized companies tailor group benefit solutions for more than 12 years.  If you’re looking at options for the first time or would like to review your current plan, we have the expertise and knowledge to find the right fit for your business!