Productivity Tips Which You Can Start Using Right Now!

Productivity Tips Which You Can Start Using Right Now!

This time of the year, it can be tough to focus. With the weather not as nice, and the holiday season soon underway, it’s easy to get distracted by negative or stressful thoughts.

Of course, people who try to be productive are only going to feel more stressed if they feel a lack of focus. But there’s no need to worry. We’ve scoured the internet for some of our favorite productivity tips which you can start using today! Stop wasting time worrying and spend time on becoming happier and more productive

Don’t Aim for Perfect

perfection productivity

Those who are most productive don’t aim for perfection. How many times have you been almost done a project only to spend an extra hour making final tweaks? Are those final tweaks really noticeable or more a waste of time?

Something to try right now:

If you’re worried about doing your work in the most perfect way, let go of this by intentionally creating a bad piece of work. This will do two things. 1) It will give you a crappy first draft that can only go up. 2) It reminds you of your ability to do your job well. If you know what a bad job looks like, you know what a good job looks like too.

Short Bursts of Work

taking short breaks

We’ve written before about the problematic nature of an 8-hour work day. Many stressed out people will skip breaks or work long hours to “make up” for lost productivity. However, this kind of strategy leaves you more worried and less productive overall.

Something to try right now:

Make a point to take a break every hour. And by break, we don’t mean browsing social media or YouTube. Get up. Walk around. Talk to a co-worker. You should take a 10-20 minute break for every 90-120 minutes of work.  

Sleep Schedules

sleep schedules

If you’re skipping Z’s to get more done, you’re making a mistake. There’s a lot of sleep myths out there leading people to make some unwise decisions when it comes to their rest. Sleep is one of the most important processes to re-generate your brain (and therefore your productivity). Contrary to popular belief, you can’t “catch up” on sleep. The key to healthy sleep habits is consistency. So if you’re staying up late working one night, and going to bed early the next, you’re doing more harm to your productivity than good.

Something to try right now:

For a whole week, make getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night a priority. Compare how an infrequent sleep schedule and consistent one affects your thinking and productivity. Bed times aren’t just for kids, you should have one too!

Wifi-Free Zones

wifi free zones

The internet is a blessing and a curse for productivity. There are plenty of apps and online tools which can aid in your workflow or automate processes. However, the web is also a bottomless bit of distracting links and videos that can pull you away from what matters most.

Something to try right now:

If you have work to do that doesn’t involve the internet, take your laptop somewhere outside your office and disable its wifi. See how easy it is to focus when there aren’t a million distractions going on in the background.  Maybe it goes without saying, but also leave your smartphone at home or the office so it also won’t distract you.


exercise at work

Good for your body and mind, exercise can be a great productivity booster! Exercise has been proven to increase focus, enhance creativity and lower stress. Most of all, exercise can be a great aid to fight depression and increase happiness, which we’ve already discussed is a great way to improve your productivity.

Something to try right now:

Get up from your chair and do some stretching. Seriously, right now! Feel free to do yoga poses, go for a walk, even some light jumping jacks or push ups. The endorphin rush you’ll get can re-energize you and help your focus when you sit back down at your desk.


meditation and mindfulness productivity

Have you ever spent more time worrying about the amount of work you have to do than actually doing it? Stress while feeling awful, can also be a big productivity blockers. It may seem counter productive to do meditation. After all, meditation is essentially doing nothing for an extended period of time. However, meditation will reduce stress by allowing you to re-focus on what’s most important in your work day. And a regular meditation practice will also help you reduce urges to distract yourself, making you a more productive individual overall.

Something to try right now:

You don’t even need to meditate for 20, 10, or 5 minutes to see the benefits. The following video will lead you through a one-minute meditation. By the end, you should feel more relaxed and ready to go back to your desk and get that work done!

So that’s it! Increasing productivity doesn’t need to be overly challenging. There’s a lot of things you can do today to ensure you’re getting the work done for tomorrow.